Submarine follows actor Craig Roberts, known from his role in the TV show Red Oaks, as Oliver Tate, a unpopular and socially awkward high school teen. Oliver does not have a very happy life. He is a loner, his parents seem to be constantly on the cusp of divorce, and he has no luck with the girls. Oliver is infatuated by his fellow class mate Jordana, a mysterious girl who is completely out of Oliver's league. The movie follows his attempts to spark a relationship with Jordana while also keeping his parents, and his life, together. The Film is directed by Richard Ayoade, who is known for his role in the BBC comedy series "The IT Crowd" and his video collaborations with the band Arctic Monkeys. Alex Turner, the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys also provides the soundtrack for the film. Some of these songs found their way onto Arctic Monkeys albums, such as the track “Piledriver Waltz” from the album “Suck It And See”

James Persons