Jack Stauber

OK I'm going to be honest with y'all today, I'm not quite sure who or what I am even recommending. Let’s start with the facts. I know his name is Jack Stauber, I know he is a multi talented artist who creates music, art pieces, and weird videos on YouTube that make you feel like you’re having a drug trip inside a VHS camera. I know he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I know he has been active on social media since it’s birth in the 2010s. Other than these facts I do not know much. He has no Wikipedia page, no about page on Spotify, no personal info on his YouTube or social media. But the one thing that is very apparent, this man is a talented artist, one who knows how to fuse music with interesting visuals to create captivating works of art on the internet. Here is one of Jack’s songs from 2017.

James Persons