Sex Education

What if your mom was a sex therapist? It would probably very awkward for you, right? Well, this is the premise for the Netflix show Sex Education. Sex Education follows Otis Milburm, an awkward teenager in his senior year of high school. Otis's status as an outcast is not helped by the fact that his mother is a sex and couples therapist. This news very quickly becomes public knowledge, but what Otis doesn't expect is this turns him into an overnight de facto sex therapist for his school. Otis soon joins up with his gay best friend Eric and his bad girl crush Maeve to start an underground therapy business at his school. Sex Education has an extremely timeless and placeless feel to it. The show was shot in Wales but the cast is British; the school has lockers and feels like a high school out of a John Hughes movie, and everyone has a blend of 1980s and current fashion and technology. The show's soundtrack was written and preformed by one of my favorite LGBT artists, Ezra Furman, who fills the show with both originals for the soundtrack and music from his past albums. He even makes an extended cameo in one episode. If you are a fan of John Hughes movies, or like British comedies like The Inbetweeners, you should definitely give Sex Education a watch.

James Persons