5 Questions with Jason Bruner


by Dwight Easter

1. Can you tell me what actions brought the wildly popular Roosterfoot back together?

JB: Seth Stainback (leader of Roosterfoot) was finally in a place where he could juggle work, family, and gigs again. The conversations started up. Which led us to the Feb 22 "reunion" at Boathouse Live.


2. As a local music promoter, folks see this as a dream job. What are the things that occur behind the scenes that most people are unaware of that make it challenging?

JB: Well to be clear, I am not really a "promoter" anymore. I am a talent agent/buyer. I mean...I still promote music but do not take on all responsibilities that a "promoter" usually does. Main difference between the two is that I do not take on the financial responsibility anymore. I secure dates for clients and "sell" them to festivals, clubs, promoters, etc. I would say one of the biggest challenges for me is being brutally honest with some of the bands due to the fact that they aren't requested by my clients because they have no fan base or they aren't to the caliber they need to be just yet.

3. Do you have a venue you would like to book or play that you haven’t worked with before?

JB: I would love to play Austin City Limits. I don’t really have a venue I would love to book, but I know a venue I definitely would NOT like to book ha-ha.

4. I know you’ve worked with Kathie Moore in the past, how would you describe her impact on the music scene in Hampton Roads?

JB: There is no way to describe her impact in a few words. Let’s just say she is the queen.

5. Jason, what was the most rewarding experience you associate with your music career, both as a musician and promoter?

JB: Being able to live my dream without having to pay back student loans.

About Dwight Easter: Digital folk artist, family man and bread merchant. Some of the best moments in my life are experiencing the power and influence of great art. I came up in the Norfolk era of the M80’s, Buttsteak, and Antic Hay.