5 Questions with Sergio Ponce


by Dwight Easter

1. What’s the view like from the drummer area out? What do you focus on?

A lot of the time, there are lights in my face so I can't really see beyond the stage. In between songs I'll smile at my wife or give a head nod to my friends that I can see. Mostly I'm watching the rest of the band.

View from the rhythm section

2. What are some of your favorite moments on stage throughout your career?

Too many to remember. The first time my uncle asked me to come up and play with his band (which consisted of three other uncles and my dad) when I was 14. Playing with my brother in Go Fish was special. Not really an on stage moment, but recording with the M 80s under the name Revolver was cool. Any time I get to play with Rob Katherman is so much fun for me. Then there's the Snatchers. The fights, the blood, and watching Matt and Larry do their thing. Just hearing the crowds go wild was my favorite part.

3. How best to describe the Ponce style of drumming?

It's really changed over the years. When I was younger, I wanted to fill every space and mess with time signatures. I gradually started to tone it down as I realized "less is more" and open spaces can be important to a song. Now I just keep time and hit the accents where they're supposed to be.

4. Mike Bowen or Larry May and why?

Mike Bowen and Ron Spencer for that matter were both great front men, but they could hide behind their guitars when they had to. So I'm going to say Larry May because he's just out there giving all he's got like his life depends on it. Every time.

The dynamic Larry May

5. Who are the important people in your life that support and love the talented Sergio Ponce?

Of course, my wife Christa is my biggest supporter and my sons, even though they're mostly oblivious to my musical career. There have been so many musicians I've played with and friends I've met through music that has kept me going. It's been a great part of my life.

Sergio and Christa

About Dwight Easter: Digital folk artist, family man and bread merchant. Some of the best moments in my life are experiencing the power and influence of great art. I came up in the Norfolk era of the M80’s, Buttsteak, and Antic Hay.