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The Witching Hour - 2nd Anniversary! The Purge and NUR BLACK

The BLOCK Newport News

16906 to 16916 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, Virginia 23603

From the original Facebook Event:

The Purge & NUR BLACK perform on the big stage starting at 9:30pm!

**The Purge** is a post-punk/goth music project created by Thomas Duerig in early 2013.

The Purge started out as a simple experiment after Edgar Graves of The Cemetery Boys told Thomas Duerig how to recreate his signature bass guitar tone. It would end up becoming Thomas' primary emotional outlet. In 2013, Thomas produced the full-length LP "Waves." At the time he was juggling his production role in Gutter Gloss and wasn't able to coordinate other band members into making The Purge into the live experience he wanted to be.

Gutter Gloss would break up in late 2014 and the single "Tenacity" was a direct response to that. Following that break up, however, The Purge would remain relatively inactive. In 2016, the single "Life Is Strange" was released, but no major activity came from it.

In late 2017, Thomas would face a painful separation from his long-time partner and son that spurred the release of the single "Faith & Trust" and pushed him to make The Purge a live solo act.

2018 sees the release of "The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds," the first full-length release from The Purge since "Waves."


"Dark, tense, and dramatic electronic music from Thomas Duerig (also front man of The Purge) borrowing structural and sonic elements of industrial, metal, and EBM with a binary approach to vocals that bounces between heavy influences like Suicide Commando or Cradle of Filth to acts like Crystal Castles."