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Menstrual Parasite, Spontaneous Noize Combustion, Hanoi Jane, LNT, and More

The Front Row Upcoming Events Page356 Salem Ave., Roanoke, Virginia 24016

From the original Facebook Event:

FREE. FREE. FREE. FREE. FREE. No $ for anyone.
From the Punks to the Punks

Dis the season to be appreciated. We are now approaching the year of P.R.A.D.(vol.4) and I am hoping for a ridiculous year. The last 3 years were great and i'm sure this one will be insane. The will be a lot of new and old, so don't forget to show up. Did I mention that it's free?...
... and of course, you nazi scumbags are not welcome.

Menstrual Parasite

Spontaneous Noize Combustion

Hanoi Jane

LNT (Like No Tomorrow)


The Unsubs

The Muckrakers

Love Roses


Ruin By Design