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Choking Sands, Undesiccated, Constituents, and Needle

VFW Post 9274

7118 Shreve Rd, Falls Church, Virginia 22043

From the original Facebook Event:

A night of punk, grindcore & Metal at Northern Virginia's premier metal & hardcore venue. Come ready to thrash ♥

CHOKING SANDS ~ NoVA grind summoning the heart of 90's Earache-esque hardcore, citing Integrity, Terrorizer & Pulling Teeth as their main influences** ~

UNDESICCATED ~ VA/WV’s Undesiccated offers a unique message of globally minded love through their art of anti-plastic “botano-grindcore.” Presenting a botanical allegory for the diseased culture of mankind with words and blastbeats strafing invectively against man’s inclinations; for prejudice, to torture and trample one another for personal benefit, and to lead a collectively reckless life of wasting resources. Protect the trees save the bees clean the seas ~

CONSTITUENTS ~ From the mean streets of Baltimore, putting the Core back into Grindcore: heavy, fast, loud and grinding, with a spit in your face motto of GRIND OR DIE ~

NEEDLE ~ Takoma Park poser-smashing grindviolence hinting at everything from the heyday of West Coast power violence, the crustier end of grindcore, and the ferocity of more modern proponents a la Harm Done, Coke Bust, and Iron Lung. The band manages to meld face-melting grind, power violence, and defiant hardcore. Without devolving into the zanier edge of “fun” power violence, Needle manage to inject a lethal dose of unpredictability and sideshow sensibility into the proceedings.** ~

(**contains review quotes from