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Drew Varner, Glovebox Nunchucks, The Purge, Invisible Landscapes, and Raleigh Lights

Pourhouse of Norfolk • La Fin Du Monde

257 Granby St., Norfolk, Virginia 23510

From the original Facebook Event:

A night of awesome live music of mixed genres and a showcase gallery from talented artists! Don't want to miss this.Proceeds will be donated to the A.F.S.P(American Foundation for Suicide Awareness).

Drew Varner (country,hard rock,vocalist of Just Standing) acoustic set

Glovebox Nunchucks(funk,blues,jazz,rock)

The Purge(alternative,goth,post-punk)

Invisible Landscapes( psychedelic rock, blues-rock)

Raleigh Lights(post hardcore,alternative)

Mini art gallery from local artists Ernest Flores,Martin Baggarly,and Alexander Lugo!

Saturday,August 17th

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.There is always a way.Depression is temporary.Pain is temporary.You're stronger then you realize. There is so much love and positivity in store for you,you just have to get through this part. You are loved and you matter. A world without you would be a devastation and would dig a painful hole in all of us that could never be filled again.If you are struggling,please reach out to friends and family or dial 1-800-273-8255 for the national suicide prevention lifeline.

you are loved ♥