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Freedom Hawk and Thunderlip

Baja Cantina Mai Bar

206 23rd Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

From the original Facebook Event:

Freeedom Hawk @ The Baja Cantina! Miss it and Regret it!!!

This is a kick off show of a short run we’re doing with our buds in Thunderlip from Wilmington, NC. They haven’t played here since the Electric Sunglasses party at the original Jewish Mother in 2010.

This night will be a combo of original rock n roll that hasn't been seen in a very long time!

Thunderlip is a rock & roll band from Wilmington, North Carolina. Thunderlip began in 2003. They started off playing shows locally in 2004, and quickly got picked up by Lucid Records and put out their "S/T" release in June 2005. They toured heavily on this release and the record peaked to No. 90 on the CMJ charts.