The Way Back: New Wave and Old Friends, Circa 1981

Photos and memories courtesy of Cat (Cathy Crockett) Kane

What wonderful times of self expression we where going thru in this period, ca. 1981. I felt very proud to be a part of a group that was different and so good to each other. Even though I am now a mother of 3 wonderful adults, Grandmother (GiGi) of 4 beautiful little humans, have owned a successful restaurant in Hampton (The Point at Phoebus), am married and live a quiet (well semi) life, inside I still enjoy the part of me that slam-danced at Kings Head, etc.

Those are truly great memories.  

Larry "Beno" Bennett, Ron Dotson, and someone I don't remember, at a house party somewhere after a show at King's Head Inn; I forget the band. Beno is still in the area, working on vintage cars. Ron Dotson, who, along with Nathan Levine, was behind the fabulous Club DeLux parties and was the owner of Street Theatre, is currently living in the LA area, still designing clothing and jewelry.

Barry Craft, in a bitchin’ New Wave outfit, Jeanine Jordon, and Doug (sorry I can't recall his last name!), at the Taj Mahal. Doug was a manager who also booked a lot of the out of town bands that played the Taj. I remember we had just finished dancing and were by the bathroom being silly. Barry and his wife Katherine still live in the area and hang out with Paul and Darla Bagdon regularly. Jeanine was happily married and living in Hawaii the last time I heard from her. Not sure what became of Doug.

Debra (Debbie Cunningham) Persons, trying to look like a cool chic!, at the Taj Mahal. You all know what Debra is up to these days!

Andre Ceniceros. We were on our way to a show in DC, all of us in his van. Andre went on to sing in the band Front Line, and is featured in the Hardcore Norfolk documentary, the segment about the "Northside Park Riot"! He is still in the area, a family man these days.

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