5 Questions with Roy-Tyrone


by Dwight Easter

DE- How do you want to impact the audience during a Tyrone and the Peoples Network Performance? 

RTB- We want the audience, The People, to feel what we’re feeling. The music moves us, and we’d like to take them to our world and experience the Network vibe together. Let loose and have fun!!!

DE- You look as masterful in the kitchen as you do in Performance on stage What similarities do you find between the two art forms? 

RTB- Performing music and cooking are the same in that there is an exchange between you and your audience so you’re responsible for their experience. And I guess I want people to have a good one experience that is.

DE- Ant Man Bee was featured in the Hardcore Norfolk movie. How would you explain the longevity of people’s fascination with Ant Man Bee?

RTB- I think it’s because we approached our shows as if we had already made it in music. Like we were getting paid to do it even when we weren’t. And on top of all of that we have great songs, great songwriters, good work ethics and it showed. The people wanted to dance, so we gave them music they could dance to. I don’t think people knew at the beginning that we were even locals. Yeah it was a good time, a good time for everybody on Hampton Boulevard. Maybe that’s it, we remind everybody of that time in their lives. 

DE- What is your process in writing for The People’s Network?

RTB- The network, we pretty much are pulling from my life catalog of music and that comes from the universe.

DE- What would Roy of today, love to be able to tell Chub of 20 years ago?

RTB- Believe!

Catch Tyrone & The People’s Network live Saturday, 8/24 in Hampton. Click for Facebook event.

About Dwight Easter: Digital folk artist, family man and bread merchant. Some of the best moments in my life are experiencing the power and influence of great art. I came up in the Norfolk era of the M80’s, Buttsteak, and Antic Hay.

5 QuestionsDwight Easter