5 Questions with Katie Teardrop

by Dwight Easter

DE: What is your process for taking the stage for your performance? 

KT:I still get really nervous before shows. You would think I’d be used to it, but there’s always this rush of nervous energy that needs calming. A half Xanax and some white wine usually works. I tend to also mess around with solos last minute and I'm usually half-dressed getting in the car. I never feel completely put together, but I think that may be my thing. Messy hair and ripped fishnets are pretty much my style. I often design and make my own dresses, which are probably also messy (but getting better). 


DE: Describe your experience as a woman in rock, do you feel there are distinctive differences for women versus men in navigating your career and art? 

KT: I was pretty heavy into the punk rock scene back in the day and there were some meathead type guys that were a little misogynist, but nothing that a little sexy outfit, friendly attitude, and a killer guitar solo wouldn’t cure. These days I’m right where I want to be, playing a ‘67 Teisco and a ‘68 Ampeg tube amp so we’ve got a real vintage sound with a surfy, sultry, soulful sound with a little hillbilly attitude. Being a woman works pretty well for this.

DE: Do you have inside jokes or layer humor into your performance? 

KT: Well, my alter ego Sandy Spanoggle would have to say yes. Writing songs about bad love, fictional characters, animals, outer space, the moon, and the gravity that holds us to life on this earth… or just being fucked up... tends to be pretty funny.

DE: What leaves you satisfied from one of your performances? From the venue, response, energy, etc. 

KT: The most satisfying gigs are the ones we don’t fuck up. Just kidding, we'll always fuck up, but really, it’s best when the sound is good and people are dancing or singing along. I’m happy when people are having fun. It’s also nice to be taken care of by the venue and the staff is cool and friendly. 

DE: Is there a local performer you would love to collaborate with and why? Thank you for taking the time to answer Katie. I’m looking forward to publishing your interview.

KT: I’d love to do a duet with James Wagner from the Pain in the Yeahs, which we’ve talked about. I like Ladada and would like to sing some backup vocals for them. I’d love to collaborate with Jacki Paolella with her on keyboard, me on guitar and us both singing. The Lonely Teardrops are in the process of recording two albums… one is a very garage, surfy, bump and grind album and the other is a combination of my pretty soft and country songs. I would love to collaborate with Bump and Silas from Black Lung Records to release the garage rock album. I’m lucky to have collaborated with some of the best local musicians like Gina Dalmas, Bobby and the Nightcaps, The Spells, The Larchmont Trash, Ronnie Talman and Msesippi. These are just a few and can’t name them all. But if you’re a musician just hanging out with me, and there are instruments in the room, everyone knows that I will make you pick it up and play with me. 

And so you got the lowdown…. The Lonely Teardrops are playing at Taphouse 7/20 and Colley Cantina 8/3. Also, you can watch a stripped down, softer duo version of the Lonely Teardrops with me and Bobby Parker on 7/28, 8/11 and 8/25 at Sandbridge Island Restaurant.


About Dwight Easter: Digital folk artist, family man and bread merchant. Some of the best moments in my life are experiencing the power and influence of great art. I came up in the Norfolk era of the M80’s, Buttsteak, and Antic Hay.