5 Questions with Calvin Crawford


by Dwight Easter

DE - Beto O’Rourke- better bass player or presidential candidate? 

CC - I haven’t read too much into his political views but I’d say he should have stuck to music ha-ha! Jello from DK I always thought was really intelligent though and could be a punk in politics.

DE - Are you in a position to make your living full time playing music and touring? 

CC - I work a full time job. I wish I could make a living playing in hardcore bands. I do it all for the love but some bands are catching big breaks these days so maybe one of my bands will get lucky!

DE - What’s your pre-show routine look like? Do you do anything to ready yourself for your performance? Attire? Energy? 

CC - Before the show I usually just keep it mellow talk to my friends drink a lot of water  and an energy drink. 3 years sober as a judge.

DE - As an African American artist in a sea of white faces among your peers and audiences, have you ever experienced the element of racism through your artistic experience? Are there hints of this in the Hardcore scene? 

CC - I never really look at it as oh I’m surrounded by white people.  We are all here for the same thing, all hardcore kids, punks, whatever you want to call us. There is absolutely no tolerance for racism in our scene. Shout out to those before that held the shit down.

DE - Who in local HC scene have you not performed with but would welcome the opportunity? 

CC - Funny question hahaha. Well I would have liked to perform with Bloody Sunday but I was on a little “vacation” at the time of the show we [Beggars Row] were scheduled to play with them. They were having a small reunion for a benefit show and it was probably the last time they would ever play, but my brother Nathan Hyatt filled in, did vocals for me in my band Beggars Row!

CC - My bands and roles: I sing in Beggar’s Row. I play bass in 4 bands which are Faded, Chainbreaker, Freebase, and local legends The Unabombers!!! You can find my bands’ music on Spotify or bandcamp! 

Local bands to check out: Flatline, Bato, Reckoning Force, One Less Life, and the young bucks in Unity Fight (formerly known as Semtex)

About Dwight Easter: Digital folk artist, family man and bread merchant. Some of the best moments in my life are experiencing the power and influence of great art. I came up in the Norfolk era of the M80’s, Buttsteak, and Antic Hay.

Dwight Easter