Witt "Drawls" Katherman

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Witt "Drawls" Katherman

November 9, 1967 - December 15, 2005

Witt was the guitarist for The M-80's.


Witt Drawls was guitarist for the legendary garage punk band The M-80's. The M-80's formed in 1988 in Norfolk, VA and quickly built a large following in the Tidewater area. They soon attracted the attention of the Pittsburgh based independent label Get Hip Records. Get Hip release their debut single, "You've Been Told/What I'm After" in 1989. Get Hip later brought the band to Pittsburgh to record their full length album, "In A Fury". The album would not see the light of day until after the original line up fell apart in 1992. Witt Drawls continued to perform with other bands such as the Strap-Ons, the Horehounds and Big Bobby and the Nightcaps until his untimely death. Many other Virginia musicians including the late great Matthew Odietus of the legendary punk band the Candy Snatchers, cite Witt Drawls as a major influence.  Written by Witt's brother Big Bobby.

Video: TheM-80s playing "Honey I Need"

Honey I Need
Paul Unger