Monster: The Zodiac Killer

My obsession with the Zodiac Killer began after I watched David Fincher’s 2007 movie Zodiac. It astonished me how someone could so brazenly commit such horrible crimes yet never be found. How could one man kill 5 people (or 37 if you believe everything he boasted about doing) and then vanish in to thin air? Well, a new podcast hopes to answer that question. Monster: Zodiac Killer is the second season of a true crime podcast entitled Monster. Admittedly I did not listen to the first season, which was about a string of murders in Atlanta, but I heard it was very good and when I saw the second season was focusing on the Zodiac, I had to listen. I have only listened to 3 episodes (by the end there should be 15) but already I am totally gripped and involved with the story. They bring in guests such as family of the victims, police who were on the scene, historians, and more to help the story of the Zodiac come to life. I can not recommend this podcast enough, it gives a very rare insight into one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

James Persons