Wes Anderson


I thought with the launch of the new site I might change things up for Mind The Gap. I want to feature an artist who has touched my life in a very personal way. As some of you may know I am an aspiring film maker, and that aspiration is all because of one director, Wes Anderson. Anderson has made some of the most beautiful and unique films of the last twenty years. He has discovered talent such as the Wilson brothers and helped the likes of Bill Murray have a comeback in mainstream Hollywood. He uses symmetry, color, and most importantly music to give his films a timeless feel. Most classic rock bands I know today are because of Wes Anderson films. Bands like The Faces, Nico, Elliot Smith, The Velvet Underground, and The Kinks to name a few. From a movie about a stop motion fox trying to take care of his family to three brothers on a train trip in India to find their estranged mother, all his movies take hold of your attention and never lets it go. He very well may be one of if not the most radical and artistic directors of the last decade, and if none of this convinces you to seek his movies out, I hope this short videos does.

James Persons