This is fuckin' awesome. This is fuckin' awesome.

RUSH: Beyond the Lighted Stage (2010 Movie)...Canada Rocks!

By Unger

Call it Canadian "Zeppelin", call it music for 'dorks' …I will love this band till my last breath on this Earth. 

Rush is a different beast in a way, I mean really…their from Canada.  "Annnnddd…what are you trying to say Paul…eh?" Well, maybe that's why they were not saluted by the masses that Zeppelin were. But let me tell you, in the 1990s…traveling through Canada (Detroit/Windsor to Niagara Falls/Buffalo), drinking Molsons with your buddies in freezing weather with Rush's "Fly by Night" cassette turned up loud?  You forgot about the important things at 19 years old, like getting laid or where you were going in life, you were in Canadian Heaven!

I was going through youtubey, and was happy to find the whole Rush documentary 2010 movie "Beyond the Lighted Stage"…for all to see.  At first I thought "a couple interviews here, a couple photos there…whatever."  Not the case with this flick!  I have to say myself, if I was to do a movie on one band that existed over 20 years…I would have done it like this movie.

First off, the filmmakers dug up anything and everything about this band they could…not just memories spoken of from the interviews shot recently by the production team of the movie.  But they do what I personally love to do when editing video…supply the visual stimulation for the audience watching: concert footage, pictures brought to life with 3d after effects, actual interviews that were shot throughout the years the band was on tour…on and on.  And my favorite part of this movie? The fact they synced up the music with the visuals on a level that makes it very …eh, stimulating, ahem.

This band never drank or did drugs, they didn't fuck groupies, they came from a slightly 'sheltered' Canadian background and they practically wore women's night gowns on stage all during the late 70s.   Yet, they are cool.  They make you realize "Screw the machoistic bullshit, screw writing lyrics and melody half-ass, be the best at what you do on stage and in life period… be a dork and be proud!"


Watch the whole movie below!

Paul Unger

Paul is from Detroit originally and loves to help out whenever he can.  He has a bachelors in business admin. from University of Detroit Mercy, loves obscure live tracks from his favorite bands and digs happy people.  Paul loves being in Norfolk, VA and is happy to be part of the community.