Vinny Peculiar Gets a Shamanic Blessing From an Old Friend Gone Mad

This short interview/film, titled “Vinny Peculiar Gets a Shamanic Blessing From an Old Friend Gone Mad,“ with Peter Butler,  was shot today outside the Taphouse in Ghent, Norfolk, VA.

This piece, starring Vinny Peculiar as himself, and Peter Graves Roberts as his “alter-ego,” Peter Butler, was an unscripted, single take effort. Vinny is playing tonight at The Taphouse, and was nice enough to take a few moments to brave the cold and play along.

I first met Vinny while sharing the stage at the infamous house party of 2010, hosted by Lynne Seagle. All I remember is having a blast and then waking up in a stupor, wondering what had happened. The tale has become legend among those who were there.

Vinny has a new album coming out in March 2013 featuring Bonehead of Oasis, as well as help from Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon of The Smiths, among others. The project is called Parlour Flames. Be sure to look for it in the Spring. I heard a couple of tracks and read some reviews from the U.K. and it should prove to be a great combination of Vinny’s unique story telling ability as well as expert musicianship.

I want to thank Vinny and Paul Unger for helping us out to bring you all what I hope will be a very entertaining and informative little video. We enjoyed doing it anyhow.

Look for more of Peter Butler in the future you hardcore kiddies!

Rock and then roll people. And don’t forget to check out Vinny’s latest work at


Peter Graves Roberts


I live and work on a migratory sandbar system just my side of the Virginia/North Carolina border, slightly southeast of Norfolk. For almost half of the year I work as a historian and guide, the rest of my time is spent musing and dreaming about the current nature of the human race. I find that my mind, when free to roam, is split between general passing thoughts of running for local political office and/or blowing up some local fast food chain restaurant. Nonetheless, most nights you can find me alone in my front yard, right on the side of highway 12, smoking cigarettes and standing watch against the impending flood that will someday wipe my island home from the face of this Earth. In a nutshell, until that day arrives, I use words in coded combination to transfer perceptions, my illustrations.