Damien: Omen II, 1978 Movie (Review by Unger)

(1978) Guess what?  Satan is a teenager! …and man does he have some surprises for us!  You would have thought though that once Greg Peck had tried to kill the kid on the church alter with a 666 stabled on his little head there would have been an investigation to follow.

Damien is grown up and is sent to his Aunt and Uncle, ofcourse their rich and powerful people because the Devil likes power.  Which presents a question:  Why does the Devil always have money in these movies? Let's see, Damien's sorry ass use his evil tactics in some horrid ghetto of Chicago or something and see how convincing and cunning he could be stricken with poverty, a crack pipe, instead of comfort.  But regardless of that….Damien is now a fun-loving teenager squirt.
Satan's vehicle to destroy, Damien that is, now has the super gift of making people die in tragic accidents as they come closer finding out who this little asshole exactly is.  It's all rather a mystery and convenient for him too. 
Along with the usual accidental murders this movie is kinda fun!  Damien is able to confront a teacher and actually show him a little about real knowledge.  Damien confronts a bully at the Military Academy he and his cousin attend, and they give him a wild ride. Although Damien kills his cousin when he discovers who his family member really is...we're talking comical baby! Wonk!  Wonk!
Anyway…the only way to kill Damien is through the use of the Seven Daggers of Meggido, hey…it's the only way.  Will Damien be struck by these blades and will this spawn of Satan with the DNA structure of a jackal ever be carried out?  Or will the little whippersnapper carry on inheriting more money and power for later world domination, hence creating another pointless sequel that makes a few extra dollars at the box office?  Find out!

Random Rock 'n' Roll fact about this movie from Wikipedia: "The film inspired Iron Maiden bassist and founder, Steve Harris, to write "The Number of the Beast" four years after the film's release, in 1982."





Damien confronts the teacher with a little history lesson!