Freedom Hawk and Ghostburner

From the original Facebook Event:

Freedom Hawk
"Freedom Hawk’s “Into Your Mind” is an album that’s hugely inspired by classic rock of old, while still holding a modern sound that is relevant to this day. It blows you away with rockin’ riffs on tracks like “Blood Red Sky“, and trips you out with tracks like “Lost In Space“. At any point, they can make you want to bang your head, take a bong hit, or dance along. All of it turns your brain to shit as you sit in awe of this wonderful rock n’ roll goodness.

The only way to properly describe this album is by saying: This album is fucking awesome. Listen to it." -

"This band is also once again a four piece and with the recent reissue of their phenomenal Sunlight album, expect some deeper cuts from the archives in this live set." ~DB
Deathbunny (Patrick Walsh, Joey Rudacil, ex members of B*ZZ*RD and Edgar Von Graves of Cemetery Boys have come together to create some of the heaviest sound to come out of Norfolk in years.)

If you like your rock loud and heavy, don't miss this show!
Doors at 9.