August 20, 2011 August 20, 2011 Photo by Rob Burlingame

The 5th Anniversary of the Hardcore Norfolk Movie! (Huge gallery of photos by Rob Burlingame!)

It's hard to believe five years have passed since this historic day in Norfolk when we debuted the Hardcore Norfolk documentary at The Naro.

When I look over these pictures by Rob Burlingame which we are sharing for the first time, I am struck by the solidarity of our community. The love, the family we are, the music we make together, both on stage and in our lives. A lot has changed since that day....more wrinkles and worries for some of us....friendships broken and new ones made....bands that no longer exist and new ones forming every day. One thing remains constant: we bring amazing talent to the table and are extremely proud of our past accomplishments. I will certainly never forget this day in my life and I want to thank Rob Burlingame especially for capturing these moments. Scroll through these amazing photos and remember WE ARE HARDCORE NORFOLK.

Rock'n'roll Survivor, Debra Persons

Pic Gallery below, over 200 photos by photographer Rob Burlingame! ...just click on the picture to enlarge for viewing.