The shirt! The shirt!

60 Cycle - s/t (Greencastle Music, 2014)

If the default colors for band T-shirts were pastel shades instead of the usual black and white tones, would you be just as inclined to wear garb featuring your favorite groups?

I have made "Can I get one in peach?" requests to several local acts previously covered on the pages of Hardcore Norfolk. So far, not one combo has fulfilled the special order. Hopefully, I didn't upset anyone with an assumed "Have it your way!" entitlement straight from an ancient Burger King promotion. I'll gladly keep the pickles and lettuce on my Whopper in exchange for the desired XXXL tee. Until I personally informed them, 60 Cycle had been unaware of their triumph in the "Best Shirt Design" category at the 2015 Gunny Awards. The ceremony was so obscure, it didn't actually take place. Nonetheless, the rustic portrait of a Sterling vacuum tube tester dating back to 1925 or so juxtaposed with bold labeling reminiscent from an Australian-exclusive AC/DC album circa 1975 deservedly earned the phantom statuette.

This was not the first time 60 Cycle tasted victory in the made-for-FB event. 2013 saw the trio walk away with "Best Song" honors for communal verses in "It's OK." Though an uneasily impressed voter had a sobriety stint dating back to October 2007, one particular line made him cast a ballot in their favor: "Doesn't matter who you are/Just grab yourself a PBR." In retrospect, another moment would've also taken the trophy: "Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll/Who am I kidding?/I'm way too old."

Melding Stiff Little Fingers' melodic street-punk, Screeching Weasel's catchy choruses, The Saints' confident snarls and Social Distortion's wizened outlook, six possible 2015 Gunny winners join the stellar "It's OK" on 60 Cycle's self-titled collection. "Don't Wanna Let You Go" flies the flag for faithfulness on a 200-foot pole ("You're a one-guy woman, and I'm a one-woman man"). "I can sense them getting near/It's the darkness that I fear" sounds the warning siren of an eventual "Alien Abduction." "Be That Way" wiggles around the holding patterns of irritability and boredom. A fractured relationship involving necessary travel and dangerous gunplay might be "Too Far Gone" to resume. "String You Along" spins untrustworthy yarns before reaching for the safety scissors. "More" beats its drum with three sticks as an anthem of the unsatisfied ("I see what you got/I want that, too/I'll do what I can to take it from you").

Peach is the new black. We'll see if 60 Cycle agrees when the next shipment of shirts arrives at their headquarters.

60 Cycle's new CD for download at CDbaby, click here.

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