Ironhead - 1000 Nights (F.A.Y. Records, 2014) Ironhead - 1000 Nights (F.A.Y. Records, 2014)

Ironhead - 1000 Nights (F.A.Y. Records, 2014)


Is that the voice of bassist and backing vocalist Angela Yeagher who answers the ancient ring from a rotary telephone on Ironhead's "What I'm Talkin' About"?

That would be my best guess, but I don't need to dial 411 for a listing on these rock 'n' roll veterans from Wilmington, NC. Those frequenting Norfolk haunts around 2000-2002 might recall a band called the Runarounds and their signature sing-along entitled "Out Drinkin' Again." ("You can find me down at the local bar/ Chances are you won't have to go too far") This track was also included on the now-legendary Welcome To Steveland compilation which supplemented an issue of Holly Womack's much-missed Fresh Rag zine. Other standouts such as "Glitter Pussy," "Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead" and "Self Destruction Kick" led off the Easy Action full-length release. In 2003, the Runarounds morphed into Ironhead and eventually moved back to North Carolina after a brief touchdown in Virginia Beach. One of their drummers might've worked with an old childhood friend of mine at Murphy's Irish Pub, because the name Ironhead was mentioned during a heated game of pool at Kelly's Tavern in Suffolk years ago.

The pot of gold that is 1000 Nights could be due to luck from a leprechaun, but Johnny Yeagher (vocals/guitar), his wife Angela and Mick Lewis (drums/vocals) are the ones seen standing proudly at the end of a rainbow. But enough about Ireland already! On the title track and "It Doesn't Matter ... To Me," a healthy dose of holistic medicine from Swedish physicians The Hellacopters goes down easier than any soggy bowl of Lucky Charms. The latter's boast will make many Kelly Leaks wish they'd spent all those arcade-swallowing quarters on lessons. ("While you were playing Space Invaders, I was playing guitar") Sorry to keep you waiting on the above phone call. "What I'm Talkin' About" adds more than one spoonful of KISS (Ace Frehley, in particular) to an already potent prescription. Spread the word. Danko Jones' bravado tag-teams with Turbonegro's infectious refrains on "Get With This." ("We sleep our days away/ We live another way/We do our dancing in the dark") With a respectful NWOBHM nod at the 2:17 mark of "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind," Ironhead temporarily transform into Iron Maiden. The potential Murray/Smith twin-lead takeoff is grounded after twenty seconds or so, as Johnny and co-pilots resume their usual flight plan. "Do It Again" shakes its Rolling Stones-cum-Rose Tattoo moneymaker to the beat of preservation and extends an oversized middle digit to naysayers. ("I know you wanna see me fall right on my back/And I'm here to tell you, honey/I ain't never gonna stop")


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