Roughly eight Saturdays ago, I joined my Suffolk tag-team partner and sponsor in attending the incredible final day of what I'd now label as "a festival for those who generally don't like festivals."

Entitled Summer by Gunther 8544

Monday, August 03, 2015

My brain is fried like an overcooked Colonel Sanders commercial, so here are brief descriptions of every track that appeared on a seasonal mix I compiled several summers ago.

If the default colors for band T-shirts were pastel shades instead of the usual black and white tones, would you be just as inclined to wear garb featuring your favorite groups?

"I get crank calls to this day from kids going, 'Hey, dude, I'm drunk! Is that freaking you out?' " -Ian MacKaye

On my way to the clinic this morning, I decided to give Burger King another chance at pleasing my palate. I've had disappointments in recent visits.

Had Hoyt and I been joined by at least four of our mutual acquaintances in the scene, Pancho N Luigi's acclaimed Deep-Dish Pizza would've been the perfect pre-game meal for this equally stacked double-bill pairing a familiar local favorite with an out-of-town surprise.

Please remind me to never again mention the pair of 235 games I bowled in Virginia Beach over twenty years ago, because those moderately impressive scores have little to do with the here and now in Chesapeake.


Is that the voice of bassist and backing vocalist Angela Yeagher who answers the ancient ring from a rotary telephone on Ironhead's "What I'm Talkin' About"?

The shortest distance between two points is a crooked lie.

I've told many friends in my extended circle that this location of Applebee's is the greatest one in these United States.

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