What a night! What a line-up! Shakas Live has been steadily delivering great shows and if you missed this one you've probably already caught hell over it from your friends that went.

I'm getting too old for these weekday shows, I thought, but I knew this was one I had to see.

There have always been a few bands that can't quite be cornered into a genre.

If a punk band puts on an incredible show and nobody was there to capture it on film, did it really happen?

WTF happened to my vintage Black Flag shirt…? I can’t find it. It’s gone.

Mobile Deathcamp Thrashes SoNo!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

By Brian McDonald

Is there an adult learning facility locally that has a course on defining metal bands? I must find a way to grow my metal vocabulary.

“GWAR can't go on without Dave” and “Without Brockie, GWAR is dead.” I’ve seen it written many times, in many different ways on the fan sites dedicated to the intentionally offensive band that celebrated 30 years of killing the human scum of “This Toilet Earth’ as they call it.